Dentures and Partials: A tooth replacement option to consider


A Nightmare Come True!

Have you ever had a dream in which your teeth inexplicably began falling out? While this may sound like an odd question to some, according to numerous oneirological case studies (the scientific study of dreams) a dream in which a person begins losing their teeth is actually one of the most common dreams (or nightmares) a person can experience. While this research may lead many psychologists and data analysts to draw their own conclusions, clearly there’s no denying that out teeth are very important to us and losing them would essentially be a nightmare come true!

While you may be counting your lucky stars that this hasn’t happened to you, this scenario has been all too real for many people in the past, and while seemingly farfetched, it might just be a greater possibility than you think.


Tooth replacements ARE necessary! 

So why do teeth break? And just why exactly are tooth replacements so darn necessary?  If this is what you find yourself wondering, please allow us to explain!

While your teeth may be tough and beautiful, those gorgeous pearly whites of yours have a very important and very difficult purpose. Tasked with the demanding job of breaking down food partials for safe and easy consumption, your teeth unquestionably take one heck of a beating! Although receiving the required amount of dental care and practicing proper oral hygiene play a major role in sustaining the lifespan of your teeth, sometimes the wear and tear is just too much. Therefore, once weakened after years of absorbing punishment, your teeth become increasingly susceptible to incurring damage, from hard or crunchy food products. If a tooth suffers severe damage or is ultimately lost, then having that tooth replaced is necessary if one wishes to maintain their future oral health and prevent further damage from occurring.


Dentures and Partials: What to know

When words like dentures and partials are mentioned, it often doesn’t elicit the most positive reaction. While it’s certainly no secret that dentures and partials are typically associated with the elderly, and may not conjure up the most pleasant images, it should be noted that they are also not exactly what they are perceived to be. The preconceived notion that dentures and partials are removable sets of false teeth for elderly people who simply don’t have any teeth left is not entirely true. As there are in fact several different variations of these devices, that are used by all sorts of people for numerous reasons.

Partial Denture:

Contrasting to the stereotypical idea of dentures, the partial denture is a plate of prostatic dentures that is custom made for you, to be suited to your replacement needs. This plate-like device can be used to replace one or several teeth and may be used to provide prosthetic teeth that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Economically friendly and easy to maintain, the partial is fitted to attach to your natural tooth or dental implant and can be easily adjusted to maximize its effectiveness.

Additionally, the device may also vary depending on the needs of the patient and may come in the form of an RPD or Fixed Bridge.

  • The RPD (removable partial denture) is designed to be removed if necessary and can easily be snapped back into place when desired.
  • A fixed partial denture or fixed bridge; however, cannot be removed once put in place and may better resemble natural teeth due to their sedentary nature.

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Full Denture:

Unlike the before mentioned partial, a full or complete denture does somewhat resemble the stereotypical dentures of the past; however, thanks to innovative 21st century technology, the sleek new dentures of today are by far superior to their clunky and cumbersome predecessors.  A composite of plastic and acrylic based material, the modern full set of dentures is molded to fit seamlessly to the roof of your mouth or lower jaw (or both) for a smooth and comfortable fit. As its name implies, the full denture is designed for individuals who no longer have their natural teeth and require extensive replacements.

Have no fear!

Although we may often take them for granted, and occasionally forget to treat them with the care they deserve, there’s no denying that our teeth are very important to us and losing them might seem like a nightmarish scenario.  However, if you do ever find yourself in such a situation, please remember that it is necessary to get any missing teeth replaced, and you do have great replacement solutions, like dentures and partials, that can be made available to you upon your request.

Remember if one tooth is lost, then others are likely to follow! Don’t let this happen, come see us at Overland Park Dentistry so that we may help put an end to your nightmare once and for all!


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