How to Stop Bad Breath

stop-bad-breathWhat’s That Smell?

As you surly realize, there are certain aspects of daily life that absolutely nobody likes. Whether it be it be a pesky blemish on your face, that ill-timed cold or flu that always seem to sneak up on you, or even just a plane old headache; some things just flat out stink! However, one such aspect that certainly qualifies for this category, (in more ways than one) would be bad breath.

Foul breath or halitosis, is that unpleasant odor in your mouth that just always seems to keep coming back. Obviously, an issue such as this might present something of a social issue, (as nobody wants to try to have a conversation while holding their nose!) but it may present a health issue as well, as persistent bad breath may indicate underlying health problems, or lifestyle issues that might require a little more than just breath mints!

Stop Bad Breath: Potential Causes

Certainly the exact cause of one particular case of bad breath will likely depend on the given circumstances. However as mentioned before, sometimes the exact cause of foul breath might require a closer inspection; particularly if bad breath is a recurring problem. Listed below are several potential causes or reasons for what might be creating this stinky situation. Although some causes are relatively benign, others are a bit more serious and will require more attention if you want to stop bad breath.


Stop Bad Breath: Four Causes

1. Dietary

While this might seem like an obvious one, our dietary habits can be a major factor in causing bad breath for multiple reasons. As food partials are broken-down within your mouth, the level of bacteria within your mouth naturally increases and creates a foul odor. While this certainly is a natural process, if excess levels of bacteria are able to build up within the mouth, the foulness of odor will increase exponentially, as will the frequency of the unpleasant smell. This may be caused by consuming increasing amounts of sweet or acidic foods, or by practicing little or poor dental hygiene. Although seldom acknowledged, taking various types of medications can also have an influence on the occurrence of bad breath. The combining and interaction of certain medications almost always has the potential of causing various unexpected and sometimes unpleasant side effects.

2. Oral Hygiene

As mentioned in the previous option, a lack of proper oral hygiene can play an enormous role in both the onset of bad breath and the health issues that may follow. Although slowly progressive, improper dental hygiene may likely result in periodontal or gum disease. This may not sound like a big deal; however, untreated gum disease can lead to a litany of additional health problems that can manifest throughout your body in numerous different ways, some of which could be potentially fatal.

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3. Infections/Conditions

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, if you are suffering from certain medical issues or conditions, bad breath can occur as a result of an illness and require you to take a closer look at the potential cause. One such condition that can be a sure-fire cause of chronic bad breath, and numerous other health issues is that of periodontal or gum disease. Periodontal Disease, sometimes known as Periodontitis, or Gum Disease is a progressive inflammatory disease that affects the teeth and surrounding tissue. Although there are multiple factors that may contribute to the onset of periodontal disease, the primary cause is the buildup of excess bacteria in your mouth due to dental plaque. While this may sound relatively benign at first, don’t be fooled! Gum disease can be a serious or even life-threatening condition that may result in a list of additional health problems if left untreated, such as heart disease.

4. Life Style Habits

As eluded to before, certain life style habits can have a direct influence on the occurrence of foul breath. There are but few habits that can contribute to this more than smoking. Persistent tobacco use is unquestionably a very unhealthy habit that can lead to a number of different health problems. Some of which can be debilitating at best and life-threatening at worst! While it might be difficult to tell at first, chronic episodes of foul or unpleasant breath can be a strong indicator that the constant inhalation may be causing serious damage to your body. Consulting Dr. Kimes or your physician is be a good idea and highly suggested.

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Stop Bad Breath: Possible Solutions

How to stop bad breath might seem a bit overwhelming at first. If bad breath is causing you unnecessary embarrassment or health concerns there are quite a few potential solutions that can help alleviate or eradicating this stinky problem.

  • Schedule A Dental Exam:

The best possible first step to stop bad breath is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kimes so the problem can be properly diagnosed and so that you may receive the best possible treatment recommendations.

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  • Practice Proper Daily Oral Hygiene:

Sure, this may seem like a given, but sometimes it’s the basic things that matter most and in this case can stop bad breath. Because daily dental hygiene is so routine for us, many of us simply just brush and floss our teeth each morning and night without really thinking about it. While this can certainly be an easy habit to fall into, remember the key in good oral hygiene is consistency. By simply taking a little extra time each day to ensure that all of your teeth have been adequately cleaned after brushing and flossing can really make a big difference!

  • Brush and Floss After Every Meal

After coming home from a long day’s work what do you do? For many people the answer is take a shower, as many find cleaning up after work to be relaxing and refreshing. However, while you might not realize it, this is the case with your teeth as well and can help you stop bad breath! After breaking down and grinding up all the food particles that are consumed while eating, your teeth will likely still have small fragmented particles stuck to or caught within the crevasses of your teeth. This can be very rough on your teeth (particularly if the food is highly sugary or acidic). Therefore, by taking the time to brush, floss and clean your teeth between meals, you are saving your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Brush And Scrape Your Tongue

Although the idea of brushing your tongue with a tooth brush and scraping it off might seem weird and slightly awkward at first, rest assured it is a very helpful way to stop bad breath. By brushing and scraping off the excess gunk and buildup on your tongue, you are eliminating the most immediate source of the odor, thereby solving at least a decent portion of the problem.

  • Replace Your Toothbrush Every Three Months

Would you try driving a car with a worn-out or flat tire? Of course not! When something is worn out, it needs to be replaced and your toothbrush is no exception! A worn-out toothbrush may likely cause more harm than good to your teeth, therefore by setting a three-month lifespan per toothbrush is a smart way to stop bad breath.

  • Use Mouthwash

It’s called mouthwash for a reason, and by taking the time to swish and spit some of this minty-flavored, germ-killing, you will find your mouth feeling fresh and free of any unpleasant odor. Obviously, mouthwash is not a permanent remedy to stop bad breath, however it will likely provide you fresh-smelling breath for at least a few hours.


Stop Bad Breath: Keep In Mind

Let’s face it, everybody hates bad breath. Although bad breath is typically despised most for its social implications, the overall unpleasantness of foul breath can actually go a lot further than simply being socially taboo. While certainly a frustrating and sometimes embarrassing problem, if you find yourself constantly plagued by foul breath, a visit to Overland Park Dentistry might be just what the doctor ordered.

Some things in life just plain stink, and bad breath is one of them! So, don’t let bad breath stink up your life, schedule your appointment today and stop bad breath!

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