Dental Appointment: Why Twice a Year?


Dental Appointment: A common misconception

When you hear the term “dental appointment” what comes to mind? For many people the term conjures up images of your dentist searching for cavities or abrasions to your teeth, however rarely do people think of much more than that. While this is true to a certain extent, there is considerably more to a dental appointment than just looking for cavities, and although receiving a standard dental checkup might seem like a minor procedure of relatively little importance, rest assured they are in fact very important for a number of reasons.

Reason 1: Early Detection

One of the lesser known but undoubtedly most important services offered by today’s dental practitioners is the oral cancer screening.  Oral cancer screenings are included as part of your routine dental exam, and although they might seem like a small part of the procedure, this seemingly mundane aspect can in fact save lives. Although oral cancer causes approximately 7,500 deaths annually in the U.S. alone, oral cancer can be treated easily if detected early on. Therefore it is extremely important that your dentist give a formal examination for any unusual spots, swelling, or other abnormalities, particularly if you are a regular user of tobacco or alcohol products.

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Reason 2: Save Money

Imagine if you never took the time to have your car serviced. As you can probably imagine, eventually your car would fall into a state of neglect and need repairs. However if this neglect continued, the more repair work your car would need, thus the cost of the work needed would be increased. This concept is the same with your teeth, as with anything used on a daily basis, regular maintenance is required. If you take the time to have your dentist thoroughly examine your teeth twice a year during your dental appointment, then you are far less likely to require much more serious and costly procedures later on.

Reason 3: Prevent or Reduce Pain

Although this reason should seem like an obvious one, it’s important to remind people that regular dental appointments are necessary in preventing any pain and discomfort that might occur. Oral pain can be caused by numerous issues, such as fractures or abrasions in your teeth, to gum disease as well. This is important to remember even if you are not experiencing any current issues, as it is preferable to prevent discomfort before it occurs, as opposed to dealing with it after.

Twice as Nice!

Although it can be easy to overlook that second yearly dental appointment, remember by simply taking the extra time to see your dentist twice a year, you are taking a major step in preventing in future problems that may occur. So remember: twice a year, you’re in the clear!

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