My CEREC Crown Experience

This month we’re going to feature a Guest Blog from one of our patients, Karen Russell. Recently, Karen needed a new crown on one of her molars and she was so impressed with her new CEREC Crown experience, she did a blog for us!

I Received a New Crown in One Appointment at Overland Park Dentistry

Dr. Charles Kimes at Overland Park Dentistry has been my dentist as long as I’ve lived in Kansas City, for over 22 years! I’ve always referred everyone I know to him and that was BEFORE this incredible experience! Here’s what happened…

During a recent visit for my 6-month dental exam, Dr. Kimes scheduled a follow-up appointment for me to get a new crown.

What I didn’t know, was that I would walk out of his office – after that ONE appointment – with my new crown!! In the past, getting a new crown always took several appointments that included goopy impressions, a temporary crown and waiting for my new crown to be made and delivered from the lab. THEN, at another appointment, my new crown would be placed.

I had NO IDEA that this time would be different! I had NO IDEA that the technology that Dr. Kimes offers is SO ADVANCED that my new crown would be made at his office, while I waited and placed IMMEDIATELY thanks to CEREC technology! Check out my CEREC Crown Experience…

Step 1: It’s ALL DIGITAL

By using an intra-oral camera, all the measurements were taken with a digital impression (not a goopy one) to accurately pinpoint the precise dimensions of my tooth and make an almost perfect replica of my natural tooth.

Step 2: It’s REALLY FAST

My new CEREC crown was made while I watched! Check out these videos of the process – it took less than 5 minutes!!

Step 3: It’s a PERFECT FIT

My new crown was permanently placed over my natural tooth and is virtually unnoticeable, because it was customized to match the exact shade of my teeth!

Step 4: It’s DONE

I was out the door and able to resume my day! The best part is … I don’t have to go back for any follow up appointments to get it finished!

Of course, there are a lot more details that go into this process from a dental perspective. But, from a patient perspective … It was simple, fast and done in ONE appointment!!

Thanks, Dr. Kimes AND Team for always taking such incredible care of my teeth!

See You Soon!

The Details…

Karen mentioned some additional details … she’s right! There are a lot more details we could share about the technology of the CEREC same-day crowns that offer as a dental restoration treatment at our office.

Read more about The Details:

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Receive a Same Day CEREC Crown at Overland Park Dentistry

Can I Receive a Same Day Crown?

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