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The Future Is Now!

As we plunge further in to into what some may refer to as “The Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century” we find ourselves continuously engrossed in a quagmire of ever-advancing technology. While some may argue that this recent wave of advancement comes at a price, (overuse, dependence and even addiction to various mobile devices) it certainly has its share of benefits as well! Although frequently overshadowed by an expanding array of sleek, cutting edge tablets, iPhones, and other entertainment devices, perhaps the greatest and most significant impact of our recent advancements in technology are the improvements within the medical field.

Dentistry is certainly no exception to this, as improvements within dental technology have essentially revolutionized the dental field, thus allowing the dentists of today to provide their patients with a level of excellence that previously was not thought to be possible. With dynamic new services available within the realms of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, the dental industry as a whole has experienced a recent resurgence in both popularity and patient satisfaction.

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Invisalign Dentist: Cosmetic Dentistry at Its Finest!

While the recent rise in the dental profession is due to the introduction of numerous new forms of treatment, arguably the most popular and sought-after treatment is the new Invisalign technology. It is recommended that you work with an Invisalign Dentist who is certified with this technology. With a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with that of cosmetic dentistry, the Invisalign aligners are transparent, custom fitted, removable dental aligners that realign and straighten your teeth with very little hassle. An Invisalign Dentist will design them and they are to be worn daily over your teeth, the soft but flexible aligners can be easily removed while eating or brushing your teeth, thereby providing quick access and preventing any limitations.

Another praiseworthy aspect is the quick and effective results produced by Invisalign, typically realigning and correcting one’s teeth at a range of 6 to 18 months. This can be attributed to the frequency in which the aligners are to be replaced, as the aligners are to be discarded and replaced with a new one every two weeks, thus constantly adjusting the teeth to a more desirable alignment.

A third and particularly comforting feature of the Invisalign technology is the generally pain-free and stress-free experience by the patient when using them. Due to their noninvasive nature, Invisalign aligners cause little to no discomfort when in use by a patient, (some of which even admit to forgetting they were on!) And additionally, they are often unnoticeable, thereby preventing any anxiety or embarrassment, as sometimes experienced by patients previously.

Invisalign Dentist: A Bright Smile and a Bright Future Await!

As advanced as modern dental technology is today, chances are that it will only continue to be further build upon and improved, and the Invisalign technology is certainly no exception to this! With continuing advancements in technology, the Invisalign treatment will likely only get better in time, thus providing endless future possibilities!

So, if you are unhappy with you current smile or wish your teeth were straighter, come see Dr. Kimes, the Invisalign Dentist, and his friendly staff here at Overland Park Dentistry, and see what today’s dental technology can do for you!

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