CEREC Crown: Myth or Magic?


CEREC Crown: Do you believe in magic?

From the legendary feats performed by Harry Houdini during the early nineteen hundreds, to the modern day spectacular productions of performers such as David Blaine or Criss Angel, magicians and illusionists for many years have filled us with awe and wonder with spellbinding performances often turning skeptics into believers. While Dr. Kimes and his staff certainly take great pride in the appearance of their offices, a dental office is a far cry from the alluring and mysterious world of illusion. However, what a seemingly typical dental office may lack in shine, it most certainly makes up for in substance. Therefore upon your next appointment, you may see a very new and very real magic trick occur right inside your mouth!

The Cerec Crown: A Magic Trick of a Different Kind

As you may already know, a conventional dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a damaged or decayed tooth, thus effectively covering the entirety of the tooth that is exposed above the gum line. The purpose of this crown is not only to improve the patient’s overall oral health by restoring and strengthening the tooth, but to provide the patient with a smile that is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Despite this, we’re willing to assume a term such as dental crown may not exactly conjure up the feelings of excitement and wonder associated with things like magic or illusions; however, in recent years a new type of dental crown has emerged that has revolutionized the dental industry, and amazed both practitioners and patients alike. Originally developed back in 1980, the “Chairside Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics” or “CEREC Crown” technology has taken modern dentistry by storm and has proven itself as a powerful new tool within the field. The CEREC Crown is a specially customized dental crown, created specifically for you through digital imaging as opposed to simply using goopy dental impressions. This cutting edge digital imagining allows Dr. Kimes to scan the inside of your mouth to accurately pinpoint the precise dimensions of your new crown, and thereby create a near picture perfect replica of your natural tooth. Once placed over a rotten or broken natural tooth, this masterpiece of modern dentistry provides a permanent replacement that is virtually unnoticeable and can even be customized to match the exact shade of your teeth!

While your new CEREC Crown will seamlessly create the illusion of a real tooth, the benefits certainly do not stop there. Once your CEREC Crown has been fully fitted and fused with the damaged remains of your natural tooth, the CEREC will serve as durable and reliable replacement, that may be used as a natural tooth would without any hindrance or limitation.

The CEREC Crown vs. the Conventional Crown

While the above-mentioned mentioned benefits may peak your curiosity, to truly realize the full extent of the advantages offered by the CEREC Crown, it’s important to understand the drawbacks of its predecessor; the Conventional Crown. Although the conventional dental crown has certainly proven itself as an effective solution and is still used by many practitioners to this day, the conventional crown simply cannot provide the same level of quality and precision that the CEREC Crown can.

Although considerably stronger, presenting an exponentially improved appearance, many patients consider the convenient process in receiving the CEREC to be among their favorite improvements over the conventional crown. Unlike the CEREC, the process of receiving a conventional crown typically required at least two appointments, and could take a couple of weeks to complete. Moreover, in waiting to receive a conventional crown, you would likely be given a temporary crown to wear between appointments. While certainly necessary in preventing future damage and providing a quick fix, the cumbersome temporary crown has been unpopular with patients in the past, as they have been known to break easily, or sometimes to even fall out. However, such issues are president in receiving a CEREC Crown as the process requires only one simple appointment to create, complete, and fit your new crown, thereby sparing you the hassle of making multiple appointments and managing a temporary crown.

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Abracadabra? …. How about CEREC Crown Technology!

For magicians past and present, perhaps there is no greater enemy then that a non-believer or skeptic, who may be quick to dismiss the varying feats they perform as mere trickery or sleight of hand.  And while this may or may not be true, rest assured with the CEREC Crown there is no smoke and mirrors. The CEREC Crown is truly a marvel of modern dental technology that ultimately stands as a testament to the greatest form of magic ever known; the magic of science.

So do Dr. Kimes and his expert team at Overland Park Dentistry believe in magic? Who knows, but they absolutely believe in the effectiveness and proficiency of CEREC technology! They also believe that YOU will too! Therefore if it’s a crown you need, come visit us at Overland Park Dentistry and see if we can make a believer out of you!

Dr. Charles R. Kimes, DDS and his expert team at Overland Park Dentistry look forward to having the opportunity to help you take advantage of the latest dental technology, including the CEREC Crown! Or with any preventativerestorative or cosmetic needs you or your family may have. To schedule a dental appointment, contact us at our south Overland Park office at (913) 647-8700 or our north Overland Park office at (913) 341-2380.

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