Achieve a Perfect Smile with an Invisalign Dentist

Achieve a Perfect Smile with an Invisalign Dentist

The Perfect Smile

In American society, what’s frequently known as the classic “Hollywood smile” is something that has been desired by countless people for many years, and continues to remain in high demand today. An Invisalign dentist can help you determine the best path to help straighten your teeth. While the achievement of a healthy, pearly white smile is a worthy goal, often the achievement of that goal comes at a price. Traditional metal braces are something that have been used in the field of dentistry for many years, and have become something of a hallmark among teenagers and young adults. While the traditional dental braces have proven themselves effective in straightening teeth and realigning the individual’s jaw, the appearance of these wiry metallic devices can sometimes be a source of embarrassment for the wearer, and occasionally may cause inconvenience or discomfort in day to day life. Due in part to some of these issues, a new form of technology in the dental market is becoming increasingly popular among dental practitioners and patients alike. This new technology known as Invisalign has since become the main alternative to traditional braces, thus presenting patents with two different options to choose from.

The Invisalign Revolution

In recent years dentistry has undergone something of a revolution as new and improved technology continues to expand and alter the field of dentistry numerous innovative ways. An Invisalign dentist is a particularly sought after specialty to emerge from this recent surge in advancements in dentistry, as an Invisalign dentist provides patients with a much aesthetically pleasing solution than seen previously. As its name implies, Invisalign comes in the form of multiple invisible aligners that are custom fitted to a patient’s teeth. These aligners slowly readjust the patient’s teeth while remaining virtually unnoticed to all besides the wearer. As one can imagine, there are several striking advantages to the Invisalign technology. Some of these advantages may include:

  •  Faster Results:  Due to the frequency in which the temporary Invisalign aligners must be replaced, (each aligner must be discarded and replaced with a new one every two weeks) the process it takes to ultimately straighten a patient’s teeth is exponentially shorter, as it often ranges anywhere from 6 to 18 months.
  • Quick Access:  If you or someone you know has ever had braces, then you may know that brushing your teeth and keeping your braces clean can sometimes be quite a chore. Due to the bulk and unevenness of standard braces rendering certain areas around the teeth inaccessible to your tooth brush, patients with braces will occasionally find themselves dealing with an excessive plaque buildup or even a cavity in the sequestered area. In contrast to this however, the temporary Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time. This easy accessibility to your teeth not only allows you to easily clean your teeth, but will also allow you to eat and enjoy certain foods that may be difficult to chew with braces.
  • Less Pain:  Perhaps one of the complaints regarding traditional braces, are the sometimes painful trips from your Orthodontist’s office after having your braces tightened. With Invisalign’s soft but flexible custom fitted aligners, all pain (if any) experienced by the patient is reduced greatly, thus providing them with a much more pleasant overall experience when visiting their Invisalign dentist.

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Why Braces Still Matter

Although the new Invisalign technology continues to take the field of dentistry by storm, it is important to realize that it is mandatory to receive the proper consultation with your dental provider, preferably an Invisalign dentist, prior to receiving treatment. The reason for this is that while seemingly outdated, the traditional braces continue to retain their usefulness, and still present certain benefits for patients that the Invisalign does not.

  • Major Jaw Alignments:  Although the Invisalign technology can help adjust the alignment of the patient’s jaw to a certain degree, if a patient requires the correction of an overbite, underbite, cross bit, or another issue related to their jaw positioning, then standard braces are usually what’s required. This remains a major reason why traditional braces are still employed as the simple position of ones jaw can have significant ramifications regarding ones overall oral health
  • Tooth Rotations:  Tooth rotations are another beneficial aspect of receiving standard braces, as their strong metal material is ideal for pushing and shifting any particular tooth that may have grown in or overtime become misaligned.
  • Stationary Benefits:  Although this may seem like a silly thing to consider an advantage, it is important to remember easy to remove aspect of Invisalign, and how that can occasionally cause issues. While many patients love the removable aligners, for some patients keeping track of the thin, clear aligners can be difficult, and as result patient’s aligners have gotten lost. In situations such as this that the stationary nature of traditional braces is shown to be advantageous as once applied to your teeth are certainly in no danger of being misplaced.

What to remember:

While obtaining the ideal flawless smile has never been easier thanks to recent advancements in technology, it is important to consult your Invisalign dentist and consider the advantages and differences between tried and trusted metal braces, and the new revolutionary Invisalign technology, as whichever you choose will surely play a key role in achieving your own Hollywood smile.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Charles R. Kimes at Overland Park Dentistry. As an Invisalign dentist, Dr. Kimes will help you explore your options for a personalized Hollywood smile, so you can make and educated decision to whether Invisalign is the best option for you. Our south office can be reached at (913) 647-8700 and our north office at (913) 341-2380.

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